Windows 8 Redialer

Post date: May 18, 2013 3:47:06 PM

Update: There won't be anymore update to Win8 Redialer, as I have purchased new Modem which redials automatically :) . You can fork the source code here.


As many people know (Mostly Indians though) Microsoft has removed the redial options from the dial up connection settings in Windows 8 , it redials only when the first dial up connection fails, not after other successive disconnections as it used to happen in previous versions of windows.

So, I have developed this little application so that it keeps my 3G connection alive.

This is the result of only couples of hours of work so its not perfect, feel free to send any comments/ suggestions/bugs at ankit[at]ankitsharma[dot]info (Including the log.txt reside near the executable with any bug report) and help me develop the application further.

How to Use:

1) Start the application

2) Select the connection from the list and press Start

3) Minimize the application, it will redial automatically if connection drops.


It uses DotRas API to get list of dial-up connections of all users. After selecting connection and pressing start, it checks the current state of connection, if its connected it adds the disconnect listener else it first try to connect then adds the disconnect listener. If a connection is disconnected, the disconnect listener try to connect at every 10 seconds until connected. Throughout the connected state, a timer pings Google every 30 seconds with 5 seconds timeout. In case the timeout occurs, the dialer hand ups the connection and reconnects.


I have only tested it on Windows 8 Professional x64(64 bit). But should also work for x86(32 bit) OS.

Notes for Windows 8.1:

- Use compatibility mode to run.

- Auto Start with windows wont work.


Download Link



- Added option to restart hosted network after disconnection-connection


- Added option to save username/password for PPPOE connection


- Updated to .Net Framework 4.5

- Added auto update functionality


- Fixed Issue with reconnecting after 10 seconds


- Added Options:

--- Auto Start with windows,

--- Auto redial (default connection),

--- Auto disconnect/connect if no bytes is receiving


- Added vpn dial up connection detection

- Added running application as administrator


- Initial Versions