RentACoder to vWorker - New Logo & Looks

Post date: Jul 28, 2010 2:00:37 AM


Finally, RenaACoder team decides to change the looks of website, not only that But they have come with the new Company name 'vWorker'.


Why the change? We're changing to reflect the diversity of the many talented workers we have on the site. Back when I founded the company in 2001 we concentrated just on technology and programming, and the name Rent a Coder fit us. But today in 2010, the site is not just coders, but also graphic artists, writers, translators, marketers, personal assistants and numerous other types of workers. Our new name will reflect that and reminds employers that they can find all kinds of talent here. Read More

Checkout the new looks HERE

I personally liked the old name "RentACoder", as I am being a coder, But I agree with company's propective and wish them for their continued success in future.

Original Post Date : April 16 2010 1:02 PM