How to get ITIN as Foreign National

The hardest thing in the world to understand is the income tax - Albert Einstein

As a foreign partner in US LLC, the taxation becomes complex. The LLC has to withhold tax 37% (FY 18 onward) of amount out of the total distribution arises during the year and submit it to IRS. To get a refund of withhold tax, I as a foreign national have to apply for ITIN (similar to PAN Card in India), so that I can file US tax return and get refund on tax withholding (similar to getting refunds on TCS in India).

I googled about how to get a ITIN. I contacted everyone I could find on Google's top 10 results. All of them contacted me back with price ranging from $200 - $500 and List of Documents required such as copy of W7 Form, Passport, EIN, Operating Agreement. But there was one caveat, the copy Passport has to be certified by US embassy hence I will have to book appointment, go to Nearest Embassy (Mumbai) , i.e. similar procedure as getting a Visa, basically a 5 day travel. After waiting for 2-3 weeks, I googled again if there is any other way, and hence I came across EIN Express.

I entered my email and got a reply Sina Bonabi that they are IRS certified agents and can certify my passport, without me going to anywhere or sending my passport to US Embassy. Sure enough I signed up with them for $497, for which they gave me $100 discount.

The procedure was very hassle free and smooth. After sending soft copies of my documents via Email, I got a prefilled W-7 Form. Which I had to sign and sent back along with my passport and all documents. I did the same via IndiaPost Speedpost. Within a week after receiving my documents, an interview was scheduled to verify my identity and passport via Skype call. All paper work was completed and ITIN application was submitted with IRS and they sent my passport back, which I got within a week. In three and half week's time I got email from Sina that my ITIN is issued, along with soft copy attached to email.

I am thankful to Sina Bonabi and his team. So I would highly recommend Fastest EIN & ITIN Service for Non-US Citizens to get you ITIN. If you are looking for claim you withholding tax in USA or file US tax return as a Indian National, please get it touch with Sina to get you ITIN and let him know you got to know about them from me, I hope they will be gracious enough to give you a discount as well :)

P.S. EIN Express provides 100% Money Back Guarantee, so if they are unable to get you a ITIN for any reason, they will refund 100% the money back, so there is nothing to worry about working with them.