First trip to USA - 2017

It all started with "Share a Refund" winning $100,000 in QB Connect, Oct 2016, It's been a busy time since then. Finally when QB connect was about to come again in Nov 2017, so we started to plan a trip around oct. An itinerary was created for 25 day trip from 9th Nov to 4th Dec. that included attending "AWS Re: invent 2017" also.

The US Visa process was smooth since everything was online including visa fees payment, then have to go to embassy personally twice after booking the appointment, once for bio metrics, takes abt 10-15 minutes, then again next day for actual visa interview, that too lasts about 10-15 minutes but depending upon rush it can take 3-4 hrs for your turn to come up.

Since I was traveling first time on an international flight, I had booked my tickets in AI 173 from DEL to SFO, a non stop direct 16hrs flight. Finally, I reached SFO and waited for Nick (My business partner) to meet me at the airport, and we finally met each other for the first time after working together for more than 4-5 years online.

QB Connect was an amazing experience, there is something for everybody, and this year ShopVox won the grand $100K prize.

After that, I have flown to LA and stayed 1 week in long beach. Before flying to Las Vegas for 5 days to attend "AWS Re: invent 2017".